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all of a soulddenly, siblings.
{11} We'll never get away, ... huh?
soulcool wrote in route_1065
Who: Maka, Eridan, and Soul.
Where: Violet City, and just outside of Violet.
When: Morning of Feb. 19th.
Summary: ~family bonding time~
Rating: G for gdmit maka you come up with shitty ideas ---
[Soul, Eridan and Maka had become a family of sorts as of late. Eridan, the youngest brother, Maka, the middle sister, and Soul, the ~responsible~ older brother of the three -- it was all sorts of messed up to Soul.
Maka mentioned something about misplaced kids doing this all the time. Didn't give it anymore validity in Soul's eyes.

But he figured he should do something about it. Being a ~family~ and all. So here he was, waking them up with the smell of breakfast -- WHICH IS NOT BURNED, FOR ONCE, MAKA he paid attention okok and that was one time -- and his Charmander, Wes, keeping the room warm. Along with Giet.]

Yo, Maka, Eridan, get your asses out of bed -- food's ready.

[ooc: this could've been prose. BT had I felt like it. B)) Posting order goes as usual, Soul - Maka - Eridan.]

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[But she was having such a nice dream, too.]

Are you sure? Nothing smells burnt and I don't hear any smoke alarms.

[Eridan just grumbles and turns over on the floor. 5...more...minuuuuuuutes. ;A;]

[He's got ARMFULS OF PLATES OF HOT FOOD he is NOT LETTING this morning go to waste, Eridan. So his foot is now on Eridan's ribs, and is shaking him ~gently~.]

Come on, wake up, you. Lazy bastard.

And no, it's not burnt -- I cook for you all the time, Maka.
It's just omelets, anyway.

[Because from his canon point, that hasn't happened yet. :|]

[Oh great, Soul's in motherhen mode.]

It smells pretty good, I guess.

...And don't push him like that, geez.

[He turns his head and glares at Soul.]

Yeah. Don't push me like that.

[pout pout. But he sighs and pushes Soul foot off of him then sits up. He rubs his eye and yawns. His hair was going everywhere and he just looked so tired.]

[Soul just makes a face and hands him his food, before turning and handing Maka hers -- in bed, even!]

First off -- Eridan, comb.

Second -- we're training today, okay?
You need to catch up to me anyway, Maka. And I'm pretty sure Eridan could use some less pathetic Pokemon than Dualscar.

[She doesn't even notice the food at first. TRAINING? TRAINING!! TEACHING POKEMON HOW TO DO THE FIST OF COURAGE. Yes, Maka's really jazzed by the idea.]

That's a great idea! With all the stuff that's been going on I haven't been doing anything with my party. It's...pretty ridiculous.

[He just takes his plate and starts nomming. Mmmmm food.]

Trainin' w-would be good I guess.

[He yawns again and continues eating.]

[Auuuugh -- that hair. Fine, he'll comb it himself. :| Puttin' down his food and doing so as he talks, yeah.]

Plus it feels weird being ahead of you, Maka.

Not so much you, Eridan.

So when do you two wanna head out there?
Little bit after breakfast or somethin'?

[And she's just going to cover up that she's laughing at that adorable little scene by starting on her breakfast.]

Mm-hmm, sounds good! I'll be sure to catch up in no time.

[There are little noises of upset while Soul's comb gets stuck on some knots but he keeps eating until his plate is empty. Then he puts the plate on the floor.]

W-why do w-we hawe to leawe so early?

So we can get a headstart, duh.

Earlier we start, more levels they gain, right?

[gdmit eridan, making a goddamn mess of his goddamn hotel room B( FINE he'll pick up your plate, too.]

Yeah, Soul's right, the earlier we start the more time we have to work and the stronger we'll all get. You want to get stronger, don't you?

[Training-training-training with bros excitement made Maka rush a bit to finish, but ta-da! Plate's all clear.]

W-well a course I do. But...I'm really tired.


[So he's taking Maka's plate too, huh? Whatever, it's cool. Not like he's not used to being the mom. :|a]

Oh, c'mon, Eridan. Get a cup of coffee or something if you're that tired; they have it down in the lobby.

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