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how many reunions can we have [backdated to 12-28]
sympathy for the devil
usegalacticpunt wrote in route_1065
Who: Chie Satonaka and Yukiko Amagi
Where: Violet City
When: December 28th
Rating: G or PG
Summary: Chie hasn't had an easy time of it in the past couple months. She's finally catching up to Yukiko now after the latter's most recent arrival in Johto. But is she ready to see her best friend for the fourth time?

[Flying on a Doduo is a very... interesting experience. But by the time they make it down to Violet, Chie and her partners have gotten things figured out pretty well. They aren't pushing themselves harder than they can handle, but neither are they taking their time. Agi and Bufu glide down into the city streets, feet pounding against the rock path as they touch down and slow to a stop.

Chie climbs down carefully, her motions unusually slow.]
Whew, this brings back memories. Except last time and the time before it was Cherrygrove... [How many more times is this cycle going to repeat? Rushing to meet Yukiko, spending some time with her, and then losing her again. How long will she take to vanish this time? Chie tries to push the thoughts away and put on a happy face, treading the path to the Pokémon Center that she learned long ago.]

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[After finally making it to Violet city, Yukiko had taken her Pokemon to the Center to heal them up. She'd had to wait with the Teddiursa while it was healed up as it wouldn't let go of her, and had taken a seat while her Vulpix, Hoppip and new Charizard had been taken to be healed as well. Needless to say, she'd passed out for quite a while, so long, in fact that a blanket had been given to her while she rested there.

Now, she's much more awake and helping out a little around the Center. It's not a paid job, as otherwise she wouldn't be able to leave right away, but it's enough so she feels like she's actually doing something.

Currently, she was tidying up the lobby, stacking magazines and wiping down tables and chairs there.]

[The door slides open, and Chie recognizes Yukiko immediately. It's impossible not to, with that long black hair, that grace that Chie's always envied, just a tiny bit. Seeing someone on the screens of the Pokégears is always completely different from seeing them in person, and it makes Chie's heart jump up into her throat.]

Yukiko -- [Her friend's name escapes her before she can help it, coming out louder than she intended. As the scattered people in the center glance in her direction, Chie freezes up, suddenly overtaken by awkwardness. All she can do is wait at the door for Yukiko to see her.]

[It wasn't until she actually heard her name being called out that Yukiko noticed Chie had arrived, so even if it was a little awkward, it was a good thing she had. She was still a little bruised up from her... cave adventure, but she smile widely as soon as she saw her best friend in the flesh.

It was much nicer than a video screen.]

Chie! [People started shuffling out of the way to stare at the two, but that was alright, because they didn't need to stay in the lobby necessarily. Yukiko was staying there as she'd pretty much almost ran out of money by now. Buying clothes had taken most of hers, and the Inn at Violet was more expensive than Cherrygrove. Especially for a few nights.

Despite that, she looks alright anyway.]

[Chie's already forgetting that there's anybody else in the lobby. She steps forward toward Yukiko, a weak smile tugging at her own lips in response. The little bruises still make her want to cringe, but Yukiko made it through that trouble just fine. She's strong, she always has been... but that doesn't make Chie want to protect her any less.]

Hey. [She lifts up a hand to wave as she gets close, unusually subdued for Chie.] Great to see you again. Hope I didn't make you wait too long?

[The weak smile makes alarm bells ring for Yukiko though, because even if she might be a little injured, it was nothing like being hit with something in the TV world. Just a few scratches.

Chie was actually a little off though, which was precisely why her own smile droppedd a little.]

It's alright. I found a place to stay, and they don't mind me helping out to keep busy.

[Chie knows that, of course, but it's the principle of the thing. If she'd just left to pick her up earlier...]

Good! Good. [She finally pushes herself forward that last couple of steps, to slip her arms around Yukiko and pull her into a tight hug.] I'm really glad you're here. I missed you like crazy...

[Ah, that's much better. A little more like Chie than before. She doesn't know or understand the circumstances, however, so for now Yukiko just hugs Chie back.]

I'm sorry... [Yes, she was going to apologise for this. She didn't know she should have ended up in another world - a strange other world - much sooner, but at least she was safe and there now.

It felt even safer holding on like this too, even if they were in one of the safest places in Johto - a Pokemon Center.]

[Chie's arms tighten around Yukiko at her apology.] No, no, it's okay. This place is just -- people just come and go, it doesn't make any sense. I-It's random and -- and cruel --

[Her breath catches, and it's at this point that she realizes her eyesight has gone blurry. She leans away, hands going up in an attempt to dry her eyes.] S-Sorry. Must be something in my eye -- [But the way her voice is still hitching makes it obvious that it's more than that.]

[Well... this is just a little A LOT startling. It's reminiscent of the time when she'd just been rescued too, only Chie had started bawling words out then, now she was denying it and she was pulling away.]

Chie? [She looks concerned and reaches out for her friends wrist, trying to look at her without her wiping at her eyes. Yosuke had at least told her about that part, as had Rise and Souji, it was just a little more real seeing her best friend being so distraught about it. For Chie, anyway.]

[Chie doesn't pull away, tears starting to roll down her cheeks now. She looks almost as surprised as Yukiko is.] I-I'm sorry, I just -- I thought I was ready to -- I-I'm not even making sense, am I...

[People are staring now, but she can't stop herself. She pulls Yukiko into another hug, even tighter than before, and just... presses her face to her shoulder to muffle her sobs. She's trying to put together some sort of coherent sentence to ease Yukiko's worries, but she's just too much of a mess to do it yet.]

[Even if she's clueless to what Chie means, her expression softens and she scoops her best friend up in her arms, awkwardly hugging her back and keeping her close.]

It's alright. [She smiles a little sadly and curls her arms up a little, holding her there. It's a way of making the hug feel a little more protective too. She can wait for the answers for now.]

[Feeling Yukiko's arms around her does help. Chie leans into her some more, fingers curling in the back of her jacket. It takes a minute or two for her to get everything out of her system, but eventually she does calm down, straightening up and giving Yukiko a watery attempt at a smile.]

Sorry... I-I think I'm okay now. Do, uh... [Hiccup.] D'you wanna sit down for a bit? I should probably try and explain... well, everything.

[She isn't really sure what is upsetting Chie so much, she knows it must be pretty bad though if she's this upset. It's for this reason that she gives her a warm smile, trying to be comforting.]

I'm staying in the back if you want to talk there?

[She does want to know everything though, if only so then she can hopefully do a better job at cheering Chie up.]

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