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You've Got A Friend In Me
Someday We'll Meet Again
her_mouse_jesty wrote in route_1065
Who: Minnie Mouse & Gorthan.
Where: Goldenrod.
When: Late Afternoon.
Summary: Gorthan has asked Minnie to meet him, to explain his role in the Rocket bombing, but will he be heard?
Rating: PG?
Minnie nodded politely at the conductor as she stepped off of the train, but truthfully she wasn't paying any attention to him. Her mind was elsewhere, thinking of how to say, how to react, how to listen... What did one say to the man who both threatened innocent lives, yet she believed was innocent himself? She paused momentarily to rub her temples in an effort to calm down. If she thought about it too much, she wouldn't be ready. She needed to be clear and kind.

She smoothed down her dress, adjusted her newly returned crown - despite the seriousness of the situation, she could not will herself to take it off yet - and began to look around for the man who sent the message. If Ivan could redeem himself in her eyes, the one who not only struck her but also robbed her, then Gorthan would have an easy time to make things right. She smiled, even though she knew it would be far more complicated than that. The weight of the crown reminded her of her duty, and she drew a heavy breath.

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Clad in a long aqua robe from his world and several inches taller than most of the people around him, Gorthan stands on the platform, his hands behind his back before he sees Minnie and takes a few, slow steps towards her. His eyes are fixed on her as he inspects her reaction. Is she afraid?

When he calls out to her, the sound is loud and audible over the many noises of the train station, but somehow calm nevertheless.


She heard her title, which was an interesting opener to the conversation. No doubt she had brought it on, due to what she was wearing. Still, she turned to meet him, and he was as tall and impressive as ever. The trace of fear was so small and quick that it had a good chance of being ignored.

In fact, she smiled at him. It wasn't quite an upbeat and cheery one, but one of respect and peace. She tugged her at her dress, making a formal curtsey. "Gorthan." She lifted her eyes to meet his. "It is good to see you." And she meant it.

Gorthan's eyes went wide for a moment, before his brow became furrowed in inscrutable thought once again. Well, that kind of greeting was completely unexpected.

"It's at the very least surprising that you would say such a thing, given the way we parted last time. But no matter. This is not the place."

He walked towards the exit, gesturing for Minnie to follow. Apparently "the place" was the small family-owned restaurant where he had taken Fuu to lunch, not too far away from the train station. Not too classy, but definitely comfortable. And warm.

She nodded in agreement, and followed his movement towards the restaurant. Since that was a public place, the details of the Rockets probably wouldn't be spoken of. But that was all right, she wasn't the type to interrogation and deep investigation. This was about far more than the criminal organization.

"Thank you for seeing me." She said gently as they walked, despite knowing maybe it should have been the other way around.

"You don't have to thank me." he said simply.

He remained silent for the rest of the walk. At the door, he paused, grabbing the handle and waiting before pushing the door open.

"Minnie. I am not from Earth."

That said, he pushed the door open and gestured for Minnie to step inside.

She blinked at the odd statement, and returned another odd one in turn. "... Okay?"

She walked inside, still puzzled. What did it matter where he was from? "Everyone is from different worlds. That's the one thing we all have in common." Wasn't that an obvious fact?

"Earth exists in my universe of origin, but that is not where I am from. I am from planet Evron."

He chooses an empty table for two near a window. The tablecloth is still Christmas-y, a cheery pattern of mistletoe on a red background. He gestures for Minnie to take the seat opposite to him.

"A planet where the dominant race is... I guess you could call us vampires, except that our nourishment is emotional energy instead of blood."

She sat and let the information sink in. She had heard of vampires loosely before, due to past Halloweens and scary stories... but he was missing the big teeth, black cloak, and most importantly, he stood under the sun without exploding. She shook her head, trying to stay focused. "So... you eat emotions?" She said slowly, trying to make sure she understood it.

What a bizarre concept. But there was still no prejudice to it - or understanding of exactly why he brought this up.

Actually, Gorthan did have a black cloak. Well, cape - the one he had used on Xerba, symbolizing how he had been given military responsibilities in that campaign. He was just kind of glad that his Christmas present from Johto had consisted of a different outfit.

"We feed on emotions, yes. We absorb them in ways that leave the victim deprived of feelings, intellect and willpower. And, something which is most important if you are to understand the way I function, we are not supposed to feel any emotions of our own."

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Her eyes widened, for the last drop of information was very familiar. In a way, Heartless fed on emotions as well, since they devoured Hearts, and they and Nobodies weren't supposed to feel emotions. Yet Roxas, Namine and Xion had done plenty to prove her wrong. Perhaps the same thing was happening here. "... I can't speak for the rest of your kind... But that doesn't sound like you at all."

Gorthan was very emotional, as far as she was concerned.

"You are a far smarter girl than you care to appear, Queen."

He smiled as he filled his glass with water and filled Minnie's in turn.

"I am the only living Evronian able to feel emotions - with a conscience. Self-aware, detached from our race's hive mind, able to tell right from wrong on the level of morals and universal justice. And with a metaphorical heart - I am able to feel such things as compassion and sorrow."

He drinks some of his water.

"Now, Queen. In my society and culture, my condition is a disease. Thought to be infectious by some. Feared by all."

She took the glass, but did not drink it. Instead, she traced the top with her finger, keeping her hands busy as she listened and thought. It wasn't completely like the Hearts and Nobodies situation, but the resemblance was startling, and she felt it gave her enough to be a fair judge about these things.

"The heart is not something so easily rid of... and I think you are better this way. I know you understand what's right and wrong."

There was a bit of stress on that - he knew the attack on the train was wrong, but he did it anyway. She'd need to hear his logic on that.

"Thank you for saying that. Unfortunately, many of my fellow beings were not of the same mind. My superiors, chiefly. They noticed my change. I ended up disobeying orders. I became an outcast, and was forced to flee to Earth. ... A rather peculiar incident happened then."

As he spoke, his voice dark and deep, he took out a pencil and started drawing on the paper placemat.

If Minnie looked at him long enough, she would see that Gorthan appeared to be drawing Donald, or someone very closely resembling him anyway, *cough*ClarkKenting*cough* in a superhero costume.

Minnie had been perfectly willing to wait for more of the story, but she couldn't ignore the startling resemblance on the paper. She almost dropped her glass, but instead slammed it on the table, pointing incredulously at the picture and momentarily forgetting that there were other world versions of her friends.

"Why - that's Donald Duck, the royal mage!" Only after she said it did she realize she shouted it, and, embarrassed, shrunk back. "...I mean... it really looks like him."

Gorthan raised his gaze to meet Minnie's. Royal mage? Really?

"Either you are horribly mistaken, or we have just discovered a common acquaintance. This is the hero - the name he has chosen for himself isn't terribly important, and it actually sounds quite ridiculous. What matters is that he is the one I owe my life to, as well as the individual who, as a threat to the Evronian Empire, was supposed to be my worst enemy."

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