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♕ I won't forget those precious days that I spent with everyone
what partners do
usedeverything wrote in route_1065
Who: Souji Seta, Yosuke Hanamura, anyone else in the area that can run into them!
Where: All over Kanto!
When: From 12/26 to 01/03
Summary: After weeks of awkwardness from the fight, they're finally together in secret and need to spend some wacky adventures throughout Kanto! Involves magic tricks, biking, screaming, hiding behind vending machines, and much more!
Rating: P-13 at most
Links to different threads will go here! For the ones are labelled "OTA" means your character can bump into them in that thread! For the ones that are labelled "CLOSED" means it's a private thread just between Souji and Yosuke!

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[Finally taking a seat, leaning back with the biggest grin ever. He is so excited.]

Holy crap, this is gonna be awesome! Kanto, here we come!

[ Souji takes the seat right next to Yosuke, shifting a bit until he gets comfortable. While he's not as excited as Yosuke, he still has a smile on his face. ]

Kanto, just like the games, huh?

Hell yeah, man! I wonder if all the stuff that was in the games would really be there for real. [These are important thoughts and he is practically bouncing with excitement.]

[He's not actually doing so, but the gleam in his eyes implies that he would if he didn't think it would make him look like a fool.]


[Opening the door to the roof and spotting the vending machines. He's definitely giving Souji a satisfied look right now.]

I knew it! Told you man, I knew they'd be here. We should get something warm to drink.

[ He walks onto the roof, looking around. ]

Just like Goldenrod's department store. It's pretty amazing. [ Looking over to the vending machines now and pulling out his wallet from his back pocket. He peers inside the coin compartment. ] I think I've got enough for a drink. What'cha want?

Yeah, but neither of them has nearly as much as Junes, huh? [He laughs a little, rubbing his nose, which is quickly turning red from the cold air. He pulls his Jiraiya (Persona-kind) hat over his head more, making sure it covers his ears.] Doesn't matter, just something warm's fine with me.

[ Standing at the top of the hill, Souji looks down Route 17, the Cycling Road, and nervously swallows. He looks behind him towards Yosuke, trying not to seem as nervous as he is. ]

Are you sure you really want to do this?

[Yosuke's walking the rented bike, holding the handlebars and shifting a bit to adjust the guitar case on his back. Who's excited? Yosuke's excited!]

Hell yeah, dude! I uh... just need you to do me a favor on the way. N-not a big one, but... yeah.


[ After that whole trip down the cycling path with lots of screaming, Souji has gone out to fetch some food. After thirty minutes, he comes back with some bento. ]

Yosuke, still awake?

[It's been a long time since he's ridden a bike for that long, so everything just kind of... hurts. He's laying on the bed, sprawled out with his eyes closed.]

Yeah... [A tired sigh.] That route's a hell of a lot longer then I thought... urgh...

[ He takes a seat on the edge of the bed, placing the bag of bento beside him. ]

Think you can sit up to eat, or do you need a bit longer to rest?

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