The future that connect us as one
You're stuck at BRO TIER.
Who: Keiichi Maebara and Lucifer of Pride
Where: Goldenrod City
When: Christmas Day
Summary: The two of them are celebrating their first anniversary together!
Rating: PG since it's Keiichi and Lucifer.
Log: There's no one who can substitute youCollapse )

'Cause I just want you here tonight
Who: Karkat Vantas and Eridan Ampora
Where: Hotel Room
When: 12/24
Summary: Gift Exchange and general cuteness
Rating: PG 13 for boy kisses and swearing

Holding onto me so tightCollapse )

A Christmas Party appears!
I'll give it my all!
Who: OPEN to anyone in Goldenrod who would like to attend!
Where: Lion's soon-to-be Tea House!
When: Forward dated to Christmas Day, around 5ish PM to QUESTION MARKS???
Summary: Hayate and Yayoi put together a party with the help of some friends, so it's time come enjoy it, Goldenrod!
Rating: PG as can be, hopefully!
Log: No Santa Allowed-- I mean cut goes hereCollapse )

General mingling
Drifloon mistletoe
Good food ahead
Belt out karaoke
Gift exchanging

hughes 003 † wrestling
Who: Natsu and Hughes~
Where: Route 30
When: Friday the 23rd! Probably during the afternoon
Summary: Grown man and little boy wrestle.
Rating: Probably G!
Log: Wrestling for Christmas?Collapse )

Christmas is comiiiing xD
Who: Lion and Beato
Where: Goldenrod!
When: Today morning?
Summary: Lion has to explain Christmas to Beato. What could go wrong.
Rating: For all public! XD

Log: Have a tiny introCollapse )

Taking care
Who: Shiraishi Kuranosuke & Chitose Senri
Where: Blackthorn City
When: December 19th
Summary: Two travelers trying to rest up and heal their wounds. Set hours after this thread.
Rating: PG (for some scratches, bruises, etc)

This isn't the most normal reunion...Collapse )

hughes 002 † meeting "victor"
that is  headscratcher...
Who: Envy/"Victor" & Hughes
Where: Goldenrod
When: Friday the 16th~?
Summary: Huges meets Envy the first time!
Rating: Probably G? It's Hughes...
Log: Insert something witty here...Collapse )

Two Nations Walk into a Flower Shop
Beauty Deceit
Who: America and France
Where: Goldenrod Flower Shop
When: December 13th
Summary: After playing phone-tag for a few days and then that weekend lost to the wind of 4th Wall, America and France finally meet up to talk about many happenings.
Rating: PG, most likely
Log: You never quite get used to waking up in a place where you didn't fall asleep.Collapse )

five days after black and red collide
Who: Dale Cooper and Heather Mason
Where: The Ecruteak City Dinerrrr
When: December 14th
Summary: After those three days that were lost a lot of people probably had weird dreams about things they can't for the life of them remember. Coop and Heather are two of these people. And they've got some things to talk about. (..or as Kit excellently summarized it, this is AWKWARD CANON ENCOUNTERS: THE THREAD.)
Rating: Oh umm, PG for possibly triggery conversation?
Log: she's lost her sense of lightCollapse )

Where: All over Goldenrod!
When: All day all-weekend.
Summary: Team Christmas has put up mistletoe all over town, including unavoidable places (The entrance to the boy's and girl's bathrooms, walkways, store doors, everywhere.)
Rating: PG-13? PM ME IF MAKEOUTS GET STEAMY GUYS, so I can change the rating!
Log: KISS KISS BANGCollapse )


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