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These woods are lovely, dark, and deep
In my eyes indisposed
blackholedson wrote in route_1065
Who: Selim Bradley, Maes Hughes, eventual Sloth
Where: Cherrygrove City
When: Backdated to December 25th
Summary: Selim meets Hughes for the first time; Hughes gets Christmas all over him. [Possible hard spoilers for FMA.]
Rating: G

The cold hasn't exactly been doing a great job at relenting in Johto, mostly due to the fact that weather has a habit of doing whatever it wants, and even on good days Johto's idea of "vaguely warmer" is not Amestris' idea of "vaguely warmer." As such, some of that money from "Mom" - or at least, Selim assumed it was from the mother-figure; he'd just kind of found it in his bag - had gone toward warmer clothes. He intends to save the jacket that's warm enough for long travels in the snow but manages to make him look like a vaguely demented marshmallow with a head for when he actually needs it; he's got the gloves and scarf on, though, along with the...uh, outfit that had been provided for him. It's not really anything a kid would normally choose to wear, but he is the son of the Fuhrer; he's used to being shoved in all manner of weird outfits, and this is at least warm.

Sloth has also made travel much, much easier since his arrival in Johto, given that he has a much easier time traveling through the snow; he's pretty much eight feet of massive derp, in comparison to Selim's amazing four-foot-nothing. However, Sloth does actually tire here, much to Selim's annoyance; as much as he would like to continue pressing onward until they find something relevant to anything, he can't risk upsetting his giant gothy mode of transportation, and as such Selim is willing to allow Sloth time to sleep today.

That's fine, however; he actually has business to attend to; after a few minutes of fiddling with the 'Gear, he's managed to get it to (...hopefully) connect with the one belonging to that soldier he had spoken to a while back.

Maes Hughes...

"Ah, Mr. Hughes!" Selim's voice is energetic at the prompting from Hughes' Gear to start talking. "It's Selim Bradley...I think I've gotten to another city, and I was wondering if you were around; you said you would be coming out this way? I'd like to know where to meet you either way - I'm really looking forward to it!"

...of course, he also needs to know where Hughes is going to be so he can know when he can afford to ditch his massive pet Homunculus for this little meeting of theirs, but...details...

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Wrestling, while fun, had taken a lot out of Maes. He'd made it to the nearest city -- which conveniently had been the one that Selim was in -- perfectly fine, but after a short nap, he'd started feeling the aftermath of rolling around in the snow with an energetic little boy.

As such, he'd spent much of the day before lying in bed and counting his new bruises. Thankfully, this day had been a little better on him. His muscles were still sore -- man, nothing like a nice wrestle to remind you of just how old you've gotten... -- and there were still bruises, though none of them were visible after he'd gotten dressed. But none of that really felt as bad, now that he'd had a shiny new photo album to distract himself with.

He'd just gotten off another conversation when his 'Gear rang again.

"Selim! I'm in Cherrygrove right now." If he remembered correctly, that should be the next city over from New Bark Town, shouldn't it? "Where are you? I can come to you." No point making a child walk through the snow. Though, Maes was hoping he wasn't too far, because... walking was kind of not fun right this moment.

Selim paused for a moment; he had no intention of just...sitting around and waiting for Sloth to wake up - if he absolutely needed to kick him awake later he could always go out and do that - and so he was technically already out in the snow. Primarily being morbidly fascinated at how weird being cold actually felt - it was never anything he'd really experienced, and he couldn't say that he found it terrible.

Yet. He imagined it'd be pretty horrendous after a while. But for now...Cherrygrove...? Sign, sign, where's a sign -

"Oh, yes, I think that's I am now! I'm outside right now, I think there's a Pokémon Center nearby...would you want to meet there?"

"That'll do just fine!"

Thankfully, the Pokemon Center wasn't horribly far away, so it wasn't that much of a pain to walk there. He stepped inside the Pokemon Center and glanced around. Looking for a tiny little boy...

Ah! There he was. Maes gave a cheerful wave (ouch... have a minor wince here; he must've hit his shoulder against something while wrestling...) before he made his way toward him. "Ah, Selim! It's nice to see you. The trip here was alright?"

That wave was immediately greeted with a rather bright smile and a wave of Selim's own. "It was all right, yes! A bit cold, but not too bad..."

He paused for a moment as though thinking, before something seemed to occur to him. "Oh! Right - thank you so much for meeting me here. Did you have to come very far?"

The words came out a bit strangely, perhaps over-formal; it was almost as though he's been made to practice being courteous, though given his position, perhaps that wasn't too odd.

What a formal boy... though, Maes wasn't too surprised, considering who his father was. Even still, this was very much a sharp transition from the last boy he'd met up with. Though, both had it's good qualities.

He smiled, shaking his head. "No, I was actually here already."

Oh! Right. He'd almost forgotten... Maes holds out the package he'd been holding under his arms. "This is for you." He hadn't really know what to get for Selim, since he didn't know the boy at all and... what exactly do you give the little boy of the Fuhrer anyways? Either way, inside, Selim will find quite a lot of potions, heals, and repels for his travels. Along with a warm long-coat (which may be a size too big, as Maes didn't exactly know what size the boy was; but he could grow into it, right?) and matching gloves.

And for a good, long moment, Selim just kind of...stared. Gifts weren't a completely foreign concept - his adopted parents hadn't spoiled him, exactly, but they would bring presents home once in a while - but presents from strangers were utterly unheard of; really, this was for no better reason than anything given to him tended to be checked repeatedly by the bodyguards in the Fuhrer's employ, to say nothing of Mrs. Bradley herself.

"I...thank you!" He took the package carefully, despite the excitement in his tone. "Are you sure?"

"Of course! It's a gift, after all." Oh, but children should be spoiled a little, shouldn't they? Elicia wasn't spoiled rotten by no means, but... Maes had phases where he would just walk about town spending all of his pocket money on pretty much everything he saw that was cute and adorable.

"I'll admit, I'm pretty bad at buying gifts for people" -- people that weren't pretty women that he was in love with or little girls that were adorable, anyways... -- "but I figured these might come in useful for the journey ahead!"

There was another moment of staring, but after a while? Selim decided that he might as well. There was no sense in being modest or coy when it came to this sort of thing; after all, he was in an unfamiliar world still, and if this man wanted to offer nice gestures, there really was no point in turning them down.

He knew that children his...age, let's say, shouldn't be this excited about gifts this practical, but he really couldn't deny that they were completely welcome; the potions and such were expensive for one just starting out, which was completely unfair given how...horribly failtacular the Pokémon he had been given was. He wasn't sure whether they were all this terrible or he just had horrid luck; either way, he decided to acknowledge the supplies with a good long stare before taking the coat out of the box, holding it to his chest in a large bunch of fabric and warmth, grinning all the while.

"No, no, they're good!" He already had the coat halfway on by the time the words left him; it was a bit long in the sleeves, but that would be fine - he could always roll them back at the cuffs should the need arise. "Again, thank you so much! It's really nice of you to do this...oh, but I don't have anything for you..."

He was quite glad that the gifts seemed to be to Selim's liking. Maes was aware that most children wouldn't be too excited about receiving potions and the like, but such things were necessary for this world, and he would much rather have a slightly unsatisfied Selim than an injured Selim.

He waves his hand in the air at Selim's words. "Oh, don't worry about it. Children shouldn't have to worry about getting adults anything. The point of being a child is to have fun and enjoy yourself! Do that, and it'll be gift enough for me."

Selim seemed more than content with that answer, actually, and the nodding at that was enthusiastic enough to get that across. He folded his arms tightly across his chest once the coat was on, enjoying the warmth.

He wasn't entirely sure what to think of that; it wasn't anything he'd exactly had reason to notice before, back in Amestris. But either way, the coat felt good and the air outside was cold when it swirled into the Center as the doors opened and slid closed again - trainers healing their Pokémon and the like, Selim assumed; he paid them no mind, really.

"You said you were coming back this way already, when we talked - were you coming to meet someone?"

He scratches the back of his head at the question. There isn't really an easy way to answer that, honestly. He'd come out here to wrestle with a small boy, because he just couldn't say no to the kid.

"Yes, I had a present for someone! It needed to be delivered in person." He's not against describing the entire ordeal, it would just take quite some time.

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